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Good day 'FUTURE' Founder

Ever wondered what would life be if you got a smart marketing solution that guarantees lifetime residual income?
Great right!! Presenting.. Something very POWERFUL.. A self-driven business opportunity that is a complete package to provide you profitability.

Are you new to Internet Marketing?

Sit back and enjoy the ride as the technology will go out and find the traffic, filter the traffic, bring the eyeballs, help people close and bring in to the business.

In the video on the right, visionary Mr. Mufareh explains several issues that we find difficult to overcome in our life. However, he also explains his strategies and plans that will help you to overcome these obstacles easily.

Change your direction of life.. Your destination will automatically change

It's not a 'copy-cat' or 'look-alike' product. It has been meticulously developed from the ground up using artificial intelligence.


Yes!! The concept is magical.. The concept is fresh.. The concept is amazing with its

  • Technology
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Please go through the video below as you will gain more knowledge on the income plan and strategy of visionary Mr. Mufareh. This is the goldmine of a lifetime residual income.


We are present in more than 100 countries!

We are the new world standard, fully legal and complaint

  • Use own domain to build your business
  • Own dashboard to control and monitor
  • No office required. Work from home
  • Instant payment directly in your account

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Pay only $97 to join which otherwise costs $977. Avail this 90% discount as a pre-launch offer. You can obviously join us later but there is no guarantee on the availability of seats.

This is a true marketer's miracle and technologically the first of its kind. Secure your ultimate residual income opportunity with real people.


How can you take advantage of this NEW TECHNOLOGY?

You get the three main pillars of success. A viable business, an efficient tool set that is set on auto pilot, fuelled with endless and unlimited amount of traffic and visitors to your business. You choose what to sell and what to recruit.

You also get a safe platform to build any business because businesses can be changed inside of the platform without changing the brand. Once you have the brand, it is permanent. You can add/remove as you wish any business any time.

Registering with GoFounders is very easy:

  • Click on 'Become a Founder'
  • Fill up the registration form
  • Pay using Card or Bitcoin

You are now a Founder!




Wait.. There is something more that you will be getting!!

If you have a good business, a good product, a legit business model, we are going to assist them to be unstuck or to duplicate finally or to have a higher retention. This is the last business or marketing platform that you need.

We are an income opportunity even for those who do not have a business. Hence, there is an income plan which is one of a kind. The database, the people that you have added, they are going to be in your business which is the true residual business model.

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