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Internet Marketing Solutions!

ONPASSIVE specializes in providing the best solutions catered towards your business. Our powerful tools are integrated with Artificial Intelligence to ensure that you can achieve your goals as a business. We are constantly innovating in helping millions of entrepreneurs and businesses across the world to achieve their dreams!




You may think that it is impossible to achieve your dreams and goals as a business. This is not true! Achieving the impossible just takes a little more time.
ONPASSIVE consists of a team of digital experts who are effectively trying to specialize themselves with ideas and innovations! Artificial Intelligence helps to specialize in witnessing some of the more unique marketing practices!

The Heart of What's in Store for you

  •  Joint Research & Development:
    ONPASSIVE helps in providing a community for successful joint research and development in building solutions. Joint research is incredibly beneficial as it helps to bring together a better community of thought leaders and innovators in coming up with the best solutions.
  •  Software Enabled Solutions:
    ONPASSIVE specializes in providing solutions for businesses which are enabled with software. These solutions are great for solving complex problems and can effectively help businesses in understanding how to capitalize on certain opportunities.

  •  Analytical ITES & Web Solutions:
    ONPASSIVE specializes in providing web solutions and greater analytical ITES for entrepreneurs, organizations and businesses in tackling certain types of problems faced by businesses. These types of software work primarily on solving problems in industries such as Insurance, Finance, Banking and Telecommunication.
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