Versatile Online Business Solution

It doesn't matter if your business is not online, and it definitely doesn't matter if you're not tech-savvy. We cover your business needs and transform your business to make it malleable, flexible, and complete online marvel. The transformation is made possible by the constant effort of our team, who come up with innovative and creative ideas dedicated to solving online business issues. These ideas reflect on the tools designed for exceeding productivity and data transparency.

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Data Transparency

Get high visibility to the data linked with each business activity through the customizable metrics dashboard.

Easy Planning and Forecasting

Information collected from various data points helps the AI-driven tools to make critical decisions through data forecasting techniques and pattern recognition.

No Need to Recruit

Hiring to get work done is past. At ONPASSIVE, you receive a self-motivated team dedicated to working for your vision and goals.

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Sensation Overnight

ONPASSIVE provides a centralized online solution to automate business functions and ensures you leverage the benefits of various tools designed especially for your requirements. Each tool shared with you is fully-customizable and highly data-oriented. Now keep track of how different departments are functioning and which critical decisions are showing better results.

Main Features of tools offered by ONPASSIVE

Business Automation

End-to-end automation of business activities delivers maximum output and streamlined operations.

Guaranteed Web Traffic

Automated promotion of products and services ensure free web traffic to your business sites.

Plug-n-Play Tools

Easy to install tools require no technical knowledge and guide you through the entire installation step-by-step.

End-to-End Coverage

Receive advanced AI-driven tools for various business activities, such as web designing, hosting, ads, and promotions, etc.


With ONPASSIVE, you receive a chance to become a leader of your business industry. Take your business to the next level and become an inspiration for others who want to learn the new technique of doing business.

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