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The Cutting Edge Business Solution

Companies prosper with the help of versatile and upgraded tools, and that could also be challenging at times. We, at ONPASSIVE, develop applications that can transform your business into complete automation, which is self-aware and upgrades itself with the latest technology. Nothing is unachievable when our futuristic tools perform autonomously and optimize your business activities to deliver results beyond expectations.

Empowering Business Owners to Achieve More

Expect more than what you want, receive more than what you expect. ONPASSIVE helps you achieve your business goals by connecting every missing dot with the help of innovative in-house built applications.

Business Automation

Receive end-to-end business automation through AI-driven applications and tools. Achieve reliable high performance with an automated business. Enable departments to deliver quantity with quality.

Easy to Install

Transform your business with smart plug-n-play tools that auto-configure and sync with existing physical devices and functions. Users don’t have to be tech-savvy for using these tools.

Expand Your Expectations

Acquire feasibility to streamline important business activities, such as sales, promotions, and customer relationship management (CRM), and establish a data-driven and self-operating operation in place.

Animate Your Static Business

Get your standing still business moving with the help of tools designed for high productivity. Automate business operations and experience the power of artificial intelligence. Let the system decide the next plan of action based on information collected at various data points of your business. No human interference also reduces the chances of error and yields high accuracy.


ONPASSIVE is the only door to success that opens for anyone who knocks. If you decide to enter this door, it will be the decision which will get you to the top. Just open your eyes, it's not magic. ONPASSIVE gives you all the tools and resources to make your dreams come true. ONPASSIVE is not just an "Artificial Intelligence" but financial freedom, prosperity, success itself. I really do appreciate Ash Mufareh and his Team! I feel that I am selected and happy to be a Founding Member of ONPASSIVE. Thank you so much. If you are not yet a Founder, come and step into the future. Time is NOW!

Erzsebet Foldvari


ONPASSIVE gives me a bright future as a founder. I joined back in 3-20-2019. True value was given to me & true value I will give back.

Jeffery Mullen

United States

This idea of ONPASSIVE will be historically the beginning of great prosperity in the world. This company will go down in history of how many people became free from the 9-5 rat race scam.

Ty Young

United States

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