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Our Leaders

Angela Currie, Canada flag | Jamaica flag
Mother, Grandmother, Entrepreneur, Owner of 2Freedom Power Groupwhere she shows family in the local Toronto Area achieve Financial Freedom through Wealth Creation, Income Tax Planning, Leveraging and Building Small Business to sustain individual.
AIM - Automatic Internet Millionaire alongside Michael Williams using the power of the Internet to generate residual income for individuals, looking to supplement income.
Antonio Fradique, Portugal flag
I'm Portuguese, and live next to Lisbon.
I began marketing online in December 2014, and in May 2015 decided to turn it into my full-time job putting in serious time and effort into promoting products that come to the market place.
I'm a very simple and humble person who likes football, listen to music, being with family, and other simple things.
Alberto Sanchez, Spain flag | Italy flag | Germany flag
I like to be in contact with the people and being able to interact with them. As a child I signed up for an Ahletics Club, I saw that it was a sport of on runner against the others. I realized that mine was the collecive and the following year I signed up for a Futbol Club and there I learned teamwork, it opened my mind and I was able to be more in contact with society. Curious, exactly the same happens in the world of work, but at the commercial point of few and not in the hobby way. But when one feel comfortable in whatever work you do, then YES it will become a hobby.
What is the path one should take? A simple question to answer: Listen your heart, trust in yourself, follow your passion, believe in your dreams and achieve them. Many times I was wrong, but each time I stood up and grown a bit more. I love what I do and very important is that I believe in my posibilities, because I could imagine my future, which I would like to share with you.
Corinne Isabelle Mikes, Switzerland flag | Spain flag
Holistic coaching for individuals, groups and companies. Support to live in Self-Empowerment out of the HEARTSPACE. ONPASSIVE is our Lifestyle. In UNITY we win all.
Coaching für Einzelpersonen, Gruppen und Unternehmen. Unterstützung, um in Selbst-Ermächtigung aus dem HERZENSRAUM heraus zu leben. ONPASSIVE ist unser Lebenstil. In EINHEIT gewinnen wir alle.
Asesoramiento integral dirigido a individuos, grupos y empresas. Apoyo para vivir en el auto-empoderamiento desde el ESPACIO DEL CORAZON. ONPASSIVE es nuestro estilo de vida. En UNIDAD ganamos todos.
Dan Street, United States flag
For the last 28 years, I have been a medical device sales representative. I helped manage a $2 million territory for a Global Orthopaedic Company specializing in the design, manufacture, and marketing of reconstructive joint devices and biologics.
The medical field has been rewarding in many ways but ultimately helping the patients get back to health.
Growing up in Colorado has made me partial to the mountains. I love vacations on the beach, but I am a Mountain Man at Heart.
My priorities in life are Faith, Family, Fun, Work.
Outside of the office I enjoy golf, mountain biking, fishingand spending quality time with family.
Darrell Cook, United States flag
Reside in New York State, Retired public school teacher, wealth mentor, entrepreneur, US Navy disabled veteran, and family man.
David Bakau, Papua New Guinea flag
I am so humbled and appreciative of the gesture by you to recommend me to Ash. I will sincerely accept the offer and work and give the best of my ability to serve our many GoFounders globally in that capacity should Ash see me fit and capable. I attach my brief CV for your perusal and forward to him.
I say from the bottom of my heart, Thank you on behalf of my wife and children and also the 460 plus GoFounders who have joined us in ONPASSIVE Nation-Papua New Guinea with extended teams into Australia, Solomon Islands, Fiji and India.
Dr. Bill Williams, United States flag
He has been a practicing dentist in Atlanta, Georgia for 45 years, having received a Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Williams has led mission teams to Kenya, Tanzania, Honduras, and Vietnam for the past 20 years.
His Deserving Diva Foundation has given free dental care to local Georgia residents for the past dozen years. He is a sought-after international speaker on practice growth, leadership, communication, dental implants, plus cellular health and wellness. He is the author of two #1 best sellers, Marketing the Million Dollar Practice and The $10,000 a Day Dentist. Coaching dentists to finish well is his passion. He leads the 5M Mastermind for dentists to help them develop their practices to the highest level of excellence.
Dr. Idris Modi, India flag, pharmacy, B.A.S.M, Ayurved Ratan, SujokAcupressure specialist, Breath soul breathing Therapy specialist, Herbal food supplement consultant & manufacturing Founder Director - Burhani Natural Science
Founder - Breathsoul Breathing Therapy &Breathsoul School.
1.Top Naturopathy specialist of Curofy (Community of Best verified Doctors)
2.Member of British complementary medicines
3.Registered Breathing therapy expert by the World yoga organization
*Age - 55 yrs.*
*City - Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) India* +919300813883 +919229731652
*Future planning for ONPASSIVE*
1.To join my Herbal product Dealers all around the World in ONPASSIVE and spread my network in East Africa, UAE, Iraq, Malaysia, Singapore. My Dream to become Global founder.
2. Work on AI technology of ONPASSIVE for Health and Immunity
3.Devote my full time for ONPASSIVE and spreading it all around India amongst Doctors and paramedical
Gursminder Dhillon, Canada flag
Married, Having two Children.
Lives in Vancouver BC Canada as Permanent Resident since 2010.
Born and brought up in India.
Holding a Bachelor Degree in Economics And Post Graduate Diploma in Export/Import Management. Worked several years in the Manufacturing sector in India as well as Managed own Construction Business. Now in Canada into Transportation Business.
Has 15 years’ experience in Multi-level Marketing as well as Forex and Crypto.
Also has experience in Flying small planes & has a passion for Flying. Being a son of Air Force personal as My Father worked as an officer in the Indian Air Force.
Gilbert Bawa, Ghana flag
Never looked at anything else since becoming a Founders in August 2019 I like helping other people to succeed in whatever business I get involved in by supporting, educating and inspiring them.
I play music as hobby for now and hopefully will do it professional someday My favourite sports is football/soccer
Greg Ashimyan, Armenia flag | Russia flag | United States flag
I am from Armenia and for the last 14 years have been living in Los Angeles, California. I had been in the trading business between Russia and Armenia for several years before coming to the USA. I have been doing network marketing business for the last 10 years. Loving husband for 34 years, proud father of two and happy grandfather of 3 grandsons. Ready to make a positive impact on the world!
Thank You Ash for ONPASSIVE!
Hubert Steinmair, Italy flag
Just at the right time GoFounders / OnPassive has entered my life and gives us all back the hope that this our world in which we live will yet experience much of the good. All of us together will do tremendous contributions for the whole of humanity. Everybody will win, and that is why I throw all my heart into it.
Hans Hofer, Italy flag
The first time I attended a presentation of GoFounders / OnPassive, I was immediately hooked and knew it was made for me. Here I can offer my over 40 years of professional experience in the field of IT-Software with much love, patience and empathy to many people in these days.
Jaswant Singh, India flag
Full-Time Marketer.
Hobby:- Artist.
One year of Great Experience with ONPASSIVE.
Education Qualifications- BA
MLM industry 22 years.
Starting from 1998.
Multinational companies 2 years.
Health & wellness Industry 3 years.
Affiliate marketing 2 years.
Motivational speaker.
Kuldeep kumar SHUKLA, India flag
Electronics Engineer
From: -BhilaiState: -Chhattisgarh India

1.Motivational trainer and life Coach
2.CEO- sixth sense academy (motivational training and life coaching.)
3.Ex CEO of Prompt times magazine
4.Executive Director- GetWay academy (industrial training MSME)
5.Won a honorary doctorate degree from SriLanka
6.Represented India world wellness congress in more than Five country.

Skills –
1. Branding and launching the products
2.Motivational trainer and Speaker
3.Writer of book on MLM
4.National trainer for MNC companies
Kaushik Pandya, India flag
I am commerce graduate, living with Family in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Currently working as a Branch Head (Utopia Holidays) & handling all the Operations. Started my carrier from the Passport Work in June 2001 & today in same company i am happily working. So far, i have been able to travel more than 40+ Countries in last 14 years as a Tour Manager with our valued guest.
I came to know about ONPASSIVE from Mr. Jaswant Singh Jassi on 28th May 2020 & during same phone call I decided to become Founder. I joined same day & then started getting more information about ONPASSIVE. This is almost Magical, Totally Fresh Concept & yes – this is going to change every human’s life forever. Vision of Mr. Ash Mufareh is truly amazing. His thoughts, confidence always encourages us to do better for people around us. During this my 100+ days journey, I really enjoyed associated with ONPASSIVE. This was the Best time so far in my life which I spent with ONPASSIVE Team.
Marina Favit, South Africa flag
SO, THIS IS MY STORY… At the age of 16 and living in Joburg SA, I was taken out of high school, (it was a cool thing back in the day… leaving school that is). I went off to college in Port Elizabeth SA. On arrival, my mom conveniently forgot to register for the interior design course I thought would be a good fit and sounded great! Forced into hairdressing school because every other class was fully booked … I never ever had the inclination of becoming a hairdresser… EVER!!! So, I reluctantly signed up for the course as I was told by my parents that they would open a salon for me and I figured “Yaaaay, I am going to be rich and have my own business” lol. Well, I am still waiting for the salon they were going to open for me. I am however grateful for the skill I learned and always had hairdressing to fall back on. Deep down I knew that this is not what I wanted to do but, what else was available to me? Not having a matric or any other business skill besides hairdressing… my options were limited!!! Besides, I recently became a single parent teenage mom to a beautiful girl. At the age of 21 I was told by a client that with my personality, I should go into sales… once again, clueless as to what was required of me in sales, he set up an interview with an office automation company and two hours later, my nerves were shot but I was offered the job on the spot with Minolta SA. I thought this is it… it is exactly what I needed with an opportunity to earn the big bucks! I did well and continuously achieved the targets set out for me and was rewarded with incentive trips, I traveled the world because of it and loved that about the position. Thinking to myself, why Am I making someone else money when I could be making money for myself, I left the industry and went on to own a chain of hair salons for about 6 consecutive years. Unfortunately, hairdressing was not my passion although, if I may say so myself, I was an exceptionally good stylist and had clients follow me wherever I went. In this time, I married and divorced and had two more beautiful loving children... making that a total of 3 children. Still…searching for that “one-thing” that I loved with a sense of fulfillment. I went into the corporate world, I tried sales and sales management, recruitment, personal assistant, and back to hairdressing, you name it, I have probably tried it!!! Gosh, I was so confused as to what I was supposed to be doing with my life. God says in His word that He had a plan for me… I never knew what the plan was, but I desperately wanted to believe that something great was going to happen. I also learned that “a confused mind cannot take action” Wow, that was a revelation to me!!! I understood part of the reason why I did not excel with my career choices…. I really did not know what I was truly passionate about. I mean I always thought that people were my passion and as long as I had people around me, I would be happy right? Well…. This is true to a certain degree, but we all know that it was not what I needed. I realized that I always had people around me, yet I still did not feel a sense of fulfillment and needed clarity… I needed a GPS for life, a path to follow!!! You know it is funny how the universe works… I went on a journey of self-discovery and started asking God to send the right people to cross my path. People who can make a difference in my life and where I could make a difference in theirs. I was not sure how this was going to happen or how it was going to work… but I BELIEVED that it would. I am here to tell you that your life can be different… I struggled to succeed in life for years not understanding why I could not quite “make it” if you know what I mean? I had my bursts of little wins which were just enough to convince myself that I was happy with what I was doing at the time. I finally got my answers and discovered my top 5 passions – Helping people around the world is my #1 PASSION!!!
I am now on an amazing journey with a community of like-minded people, growing daily, feeling a sense of belonging … being part of something bigger and helping others along the way… I get to travel and play golf with my partner Juan which I thoroughly enjoy but, not particularly good at…. yet, lol… I could not be happier!!!
• I help people discover their top 5 passions at no cost which would normally cost hundreds of $$$$... I do a passion test for them on Zoom… it is so fulfilling.
• I started a DEBT FREE journey group for Christians on FB which is still growing daily
• I have a group on FB called Western Cape Society buzz mainly advertising which has over 9500 members… although I do not know how to capitalize on them as I do not know much about marketing or getting to those members lol.
• I currently have 13 direct referrals and 39 team members.
• I am part of a Nigerian group as the person who invited me to ONPASSIVE added me to their group.
• I have a website that Cyndee did say that Ash Mufareh approved and wished me all the success.
• I also have a telegram group for people wanting to join ONPASSIVE and a WhatsApp group for my paid team members
• I have created a few videos on YouTube about ONPASSIVE as well – subscriber
• I run campaigns on Mailchimp for ONPASSIVE
• Other than that, I work from home, helping Juan in his business and taking care of the day to day chores… have Fibre/Wi-Fi and a lot of free time currently.
I am totally committed to ONPASSIVE and the vision of the CEO Ash Mufareh, the leaders and know in my heart that this is the final step in the right direction for me. Oh yes, I am going to be a granny for the first time in March next year!!! I live in Lonehill, Johannesburg, SA. I am currently 51 and will celebrate my 52nd birthday 7th Sept. Thank you for taking the time to read my story.
Marty DeGarmo, United States flag
60 Years Old Married to my Wife Dawn 40 years 4 children 4 Grandchildren Worked for a Copper Foil Company for my whole Adult life As a Lead Person, A Supervisor, Dept Manager, Trouble Shooter, Project Manager Travelled to UK, Japan, Taiwan, Luxembourg , Russia, Plant Start-up And Trainer, Online Marketer 16 years
Michael Ellis, United States flag
Started my working career in the construction industry as a builder Added network marketing 6 years later. The last 12 years have been working online, full time; as an educator and marketer School of hard knocks.
Neeraj Dalvi, India flag
I was working as a quality assurance professional in call center before I went full time online.
I have been a loyal founder of ONPASSIVE from October 2018.
I am also a cryptocurrency enthusiast and worked on many projects online.
I can speak 3 languages i.e. English/Hindi/Marathi.
Paul Angus, United Kingdom flag
I've always been interested in working for myself from an early age. At 21 - I joined Amway and then Herbalife where I met my mentor, Jim Rohn who taught me the power of team building and leverage by taking people from where they are to where they want to go and you can only do that if you believe in what you are doing.
In my 30's I had experienced high incomes, big homes but also low points where companies used us to build a large business then leave us high and dry, that led me into working with five of my colleagues and becoming a Director of our own Network Marketing Company.
In 2000 I was offered a corporate role in a Canadian Networking Co as their 'Sales and Marketing Manager' for the UK, this proved a very challenging role because the company received negative allegations about its products in the nation press on the very day I started work!
On arrival at the office, nobody was answering the phones and my Boss quickly took me into his office and said - The Press are demanding to talk to the 'Sales and Marketing Manager' - That was me, day 1. I resolved all the issues that day with the truth, and the truth always wins... A year later I decided it was far more beneficial and financially better for me to become an Independent distributor again where I had more time freedom. Unfortunately from 2000 onwards we saw many companies go as fast as they launched and it was a tough few years with some big personal losses.
I took some time out and went into the Classic and Vintage Car business, great for 12 years but I was missing the buzz of helping people build teams so I returned to what I had loved since the age of 21 - Home based Income We moved to Spain, built a large global network and it happened again, the company disappeared owing me over $200,000, moved back to the UK, got a job and picked myself up, and when a friend showed me ONPASSIVE, I was reluctant and wouldn't look for 3 months as I thought it would be like all the others and I have a job and was making money part time as an Affiliate.
Fortunately for me my friend Denis kept coming back saying, you need to see this, this is YOU! Everything you have ever wanted to help people is right here, Everyone will succeed here, I looked and I was hooked!
At 61, I have found my last venture and my old friends have joined me again so we can all finish our careers on a high, and leave a legacy for our families as planned.
Richard (Red) Redfern, Spain flag
57 married to Jayne Redfern for 28 years with two daughters and two grandchildren. Spent 10 years in the British Army as a chef then left to help run his father’s Hotel. Was a retained Firefighter for 6 years and went on to run his own Pub/Restaurant for 6 years. Moved to run a Masonic Hall for 11 years as Catering Manager. In 2012 moved to the south of Spain where he has been running a “CampingSite“ near Málaga Keen skier and likes to stay fit. loves cooking and helping others.
Roger Anthony Abadilla Dumlao, Philippines flag
Educational Background: Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering
I have been sailing the vast oceans as Chief Engineer onboard Tanker ships delivering oil from and to different countries while working with different nationalities. I am the Engineering Department head, and in charge of the overall maintenance of the ship.
I have been married to my beautiful wife for 17 years and have a daughter studying in Junior high school. Whenever I am not on board a ship I get invited to teach some technical courses or do crew interviews and promotional assessments.
I spend my free time with my family and friends or learning on other business investments.
I dream to take my family on a tour on the different countries and enjoy life together with them.
Robert & Manuela Klaushofer, Austria flag | Germany flag | Spain flag
Our vocation is health maintenance, life counseling and we are pioneers in this time of great change. So love, morals and ethics are very important for us. That is why we love GoFounders / OnPassive so much. It is the right way, at the right time and in the perfect time quality.

We are in it to win it
we love it !!!
Sean Cyrus, Canada flag
I was born and raised in the city of Toronto, Ontario Canada. I am the last of 3 children and the son of John and Novelette Cyrus who migrated from the island of Jamaica in the early 1970's. I grew up loving sports and was a student athlete throughout high school and college. I was able to achieve a business management degree while majoring in Entertainment, Sports and Promotion management at Northwood University. I was introduced to online marketing at the young age of 16 and have been involved since. Today, I am a husband to my wife Brigette and a father to my 2 boys Kingsleigh and Wesleigh. I became a GoFounder with ONPASSIVE on September 6th, 2018 and I am a proud leader in the ONPASSIVE Nation Team.
Sreedhara Murthy A, India flag
I am from Bangalore Karnataka India, Married, aged 61 years.
Done Graduation in Science. Having Certified Course of Chartered Accountancy, I worked in Private Sector as Finance Manager before taking early retirement at the age of 49. Started Network Marking in the year 2008, till now I had 12 years’ experience in this line. Done all type Programs in Networking. Joining programs only after thorough knowledge of the program and helping my team before they join any program with all necessary details.
Susie McCrea, United States flag
BS in Food Marketing Economics at University of Massachusetts-Amherst Worked 25 years for a large supermarket company as a Technology Trainer/Specialist. Trained and developed managers and was part of transitioning the company onto computers in the mid 1980’s and any new technology thereafter. Experienced in Human Resources, Labour Scheduling, Time and Attendance and Productivity, Budgets, Customer Service and Employee Satisfaction.
Worked the next 10 years in Healthcare for a Community Hospital as a Learning and Development Specialist and Talent Acquisition Manager in Human Resources. Trained, coached, and developed managers in the areas of management, personal development, hiring, training, employee, and patient satisfaction. Developed several process improvement plans with teams within the hospital to improve workflow, productivity and patient satisfaction.
Managed Primary Care practices and provided business support to clinicians and staff.
Network Marketer for an MLM for 5 years.
I love to solve problems, tell stories, make people laugh and have fun with just about everything I do.
Twanzell Williams, United States flag
I Am A Full Time Entrepreneur Network Marketer Who Came From A Background Of Teaching CAD For Many Years For The GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION. He Has A Passion For Teaching And Helping People In Whatever Way He Possibly Can.
Vandana Nanda, India flag
After completing MBA worked in the corporate world in IT and Education companies like TCS, NIIT Ltd. , Northwest , Eli Global and Eruditus Executive Education for over two and a half decades.
In her childhood she has spent 5 years in Afghanistan. She has also lived in Den Haag, Netherlands for a couple of years and for four years in the U.K.
In January 2020, Vandana decided to venture online on a full-time basis after leaving her corporate job. Working online with Time Freedom and Financial freedom has been a long-cherished goal for her. Her mission is to help as many people as she can to be able to work from home or anywhere and earn a full-time income. She was not able to do this when her two sons were younger, and she missed having spent more time with them. She would like to help others become financially independent and empower women.
Vilmos and Maria - Kusa, United States flag | Hungary flag
Maria: I was born in Hungary (Nyiregyhaza). I was a registered nurse for 25 years. I moved to the USA in 2012, got merit to Vilmos. We are a part owner in a small electrical firm and working together. I am a big supporter of charity organizations. I’d like to see many happy and fulfilled people around me. ONPASSIVE will help me to achieve that goal.

Vilmos: I was born in Hungary (Budapest). I moved to the USA in 1986. I became a US citizen in 2004. I have been part owner in a small electrical firm with my wife. My long term goal is to help as many charity organizations as I can, because I’d love to see many happy people around me. ONPASSIVE is the means to do that.
Viviana Rodriguez, United States flag
Born: Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina, South America. Daughter of Italian and Spanish Immigrants.